Adult Day Support

We are a full service, 5 day a week adult day support provider. We give individuals who choose not to or can not work an opportunity to come and participate in different activities at our facility or in the community. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Amy O'Reilly


Residential (I/O Provider)

We provide around the clock staff in all of our homes to assist our individuals. Our staff work with our individuals in the home to teach them the skill to be more independent. Our staff teach things such as cooking, cleaning, proper hygiene, and how to do laundry. For more information in regards to residential services, please contact Leigha Seamans.


S.E.L.F. and Level One Provider

Many of our individuals live independent lifestyles, whether its on there own or with their families. We provide in home or community based services for these individuals. We do things such as take them shopping, out to dinner, or to the movies. For more information on these services, please contact Leigha Seamans.


Non-Medical Transportation

We provide transportation services to individuals with a bus and/or van. Our fleet can transport individuals to and from work or day support facilities. For more information regarding our Non-Medical Transportation, please contact Rob Corwin.


Payee Services

We also provide payee services which takes the pressure off of guardians to monitor loved ones money. We make sure that all bills are payed promptly and that individuals have the extra money necessary to function day to day. If you have any questions regarding this service please contact Deb McRae.